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         MOMC “Hole-In-One” Program


The rules:

  1. The payoff for a “hole-in-one” will be $250.00 to be paid to the recipient as close to the date it was made as is possible. The club treasurer should be notified and once he has confirmed the “hole-in-one”, he will submit a check to the individual.

  2. The budget permits a maximum of four (4) “holes-in-one” in any given season. The season will be from April 1 to October 31.

  3. The “hole-in-one” must occur during a normal round of golf or MOMC event on either the Signature or Crossroads course at Majestic Oaks Golf Club and during any MOMC event (Par 3 Championship) held on the Executive Course. A normal round is defined as any nine (9) or eighteen (18) hole ticket purchased with the intention of completing that round, any unexpected circumstances that shorten the round will not nullify a “hole-in-one”. The round must be played within the “Rules of Golf”.

  4. Any “hole-in-one” made must be witnessed and verified by a MOMC member playing partner playing in the same group on the same day as the “hole-in-one” was scored.

  5. Any unused money will revert to the general fund of the Men’s Club to be distributed back to the membership in other ways decided by the current board.

The cost for the “hole-in-one” insurance is included in the membership dues.

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