Big News over the Winter:

The New World Handicapping System Goes into Effect Jan 1, 2020

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Coming January 2020, the new World Handicap System (WHS) will be implemented, providing all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability worldwide. Some highlights of the new system will include: 

  • Minimum number of scores needed to establish a Handicap Index is 54 holes  

  • A handicap that is portable worldwide 

  • Average-based calculation of the best-8-of-last-20-scores 

  • Playing Conditions Calculation 

  • Daily handicap revisions when a score is posted 

  • Maximum hole score is Net Double Bogey 

  • Maximum handicap limit is 54.0, regardless of gender 

  • Exceptional Score Reduction on all scores, not just tournament scores

  • And more! 

Rules of Handicapping Manual 

5 Things to Know About the World Handicap System

Key Changes

Infographics and Videos

World Handicap Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for more information from the USGA on the World Handicap System.

Reminder for players to pickup their shop credit!

All winners this season have seen their prizes applied to a card rather than the old paper slips. A few things to consider:

Congratulate Your Club Champions!

2019 Club Championship

Club Champion: Tony Vanyo

Net Champion: Brad Fleek

1st Flight Gross: Steve Lafreniere

1st Flight Net: Zach Milligan

2nd Flight Gross: Jim Abbott

2nd Flight Net: Kory Klatt

3rd Flight Gross: Dan Jamieson

3rd Flight Net: Ron Trost

4th Flight Gross: Tim Fehlen

4th Flight Net: Steve Falck

2019 Senior Club Championship

Club Champion: Mark Mueller

Net Champion: Craig Fleek

1st Flight Gross: Makr Patnode

1st Flight Net: Scott Anderson

2nd Flight Gross: Joe Forster

2nd Flight Net: Glen Roseen

2019 Super Senior Club Championship

Club Champion: Rick Vanyo

Net Champion: Ray Heselton

2nd Flight Gross: Steve Elert

2nd Flight Net: Jim Weidner

Masters Division Gross: Ray Heselton

Masters Division Net: Al Linner

Look for new specials coming in 2020!

Are we missing something important?

Please contact any of the current MOMC board members or email if you have any historical Majestic Oaks Men's Club or Golf Course information (documents, photos, winners, etc...) you do not see listed ot think would be relevant to capture.

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